Three Little Paintings


Last year, when I was in Hanoi, I bought these three little paintings. At first I couldn’t decide which one to buy, but then I thought, why not buy them all three? They cost next to nothing. I’ve got no idea who the artist is, they couldn’t tell me at the gallery. They have been painted on cardboard, but that doesn’t matter much. What does matter is what they mean to me.

I don’t recall which painting first caught my eye. What I do know is that the moment I saw it I was moved. Unknowingly the painter has painted my portrait. For the person in these paintings is me. It is me and the other half of me.

I am a choreographer and a researcher, a mathematician and a photographer, a banker and a philosopher. I could be many more things, given the time and opportunity. By the way, I always hasten to add that I’m not much of a mathematician. At university I could get along and that’s about it.

The one figure in the paintings represents the artist in me, the other the mathematician and scientist. The geometrical figure represents the multiple sides of my personality, as well as the scientist in me. One head floats in space, the other head is attached to the body. The mathematician in me is also reflected in my formal interests, the artist in my predilection for dirty realism.

The painting also reminds me of Fernando Pessoa, one of my favourite poets, who is most famous for his heteronyms, each of which has a distinct style and philosophy.

Despite their material and technical flaws these paintings are meaningful to me. I don’t know what the artist was trying to convey with these paintings. I'd like to tell him or her, that I love these paintings and what they mean to me.

By the way, the colours on screen are different from the actual painting. I still have to find the right adjustments.

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