National Film Board of Canada Online Archives


This week the National Film Board of Canada relaunched its website, which now contains hundreds of films from its archives, ranging from animated shorts to documentaries and feature length films. There are some real gems in there. This 2 minute animated short by Jo Meuris shows that with very limited means you can create something with high emotional impact.

So don't worry if you can't make it to Sundance, Annecy, IDFA, the Rotterdam, London, Venice or Berlin film festival. There's plenty to watch here.

If only all national agencies responsible for supporting film production would do this. I mean it is public money and after being shown at a festival most films that were produced with the aid of public funding just vanish.

Ohh, and as an artist I would like to have free access to high quality files so I can create my own mash-ups.

Category: Film