Tate Modern Revisited


It's been years since I last visited Tate Modern. I never liked the design by Herzog & De Meuron and I still don't. I still think the building is unfit for art exhibitions. Most galleries lack natural light and are too dim in my view. The black staircases don't help much either. The escalators always make me feel like I'm in a cheap department store. Seventeen years after the opening the building looks worn down.

The best thing about the Switch House extension is the viewing platform, which offers great views of the Thames and the City of London skyline and the apartments directly opposite. Tate Modern has put up signs asking visitors to respect the privacy of the people living next door, but I guess the neighbours will have to get used to people peeking inside their apartment.

I was also struck, once again, by just how poor the collection of Tate Modern really is, compared with the Centre Pompidou and MoMA. The Tate missed out in the first half of the twentieth century and that gap is hard to fill now.

Category: Art | Exhibition