Further Reading


A conversation about the nature of consciousness with neuroscientist Christof Koch.

Links gehen rechts stehen or not? New research suggests it is more efficient if nobody walks on the escalator. I nearly always take the stairs to get some exercise.

What happened to Google Books?. It could have been amazing. Update: the same story told by someone else.

How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?. Ben Bernanke discusses the implications for monetary policy of the fact that interest rates cannot fall (much) below zero.

Why people prefer unequal societies. There is no evidence people are bothered by economic inequality itself. They are bothered by economic unfairness, at least, according to this study.

Some useful heuristics to test the validity of a statement from the analytical philosophy tool kit. I would add another question, which often came up when I was studying philosophy. Whenever someone says "we" or "us" always ask "who, we?" Who is included in (and excluded from) this "we"? Does the author refer to all of humanity? All people alive today? Anyone capable of rational thought? I mean, blood runs through your veins that's where our similarity ends