• Further Reading


    Quantifying reputation and success in art. Tales From the Warhol Factory. A massive crater has been discovered underneath the Greenland icesheet. Largest overhaul of scientific units since the French Revolution wins approval. Transforming the global food system. What if the placebo effect isn’t a trick? Review of Eyes to See: The Astonishing Variety of Vision in Nature. A previously unpublished interview with David Foster Wallace. And more.

  • Van Gogh and Japan


    An excellent exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam highlights the influence of Japanese art on Van Gogh.

  • Further Reading


    Dani Rodrik on the fatal flaw of neoliberalism (it's bad economics). Physics has demoted mass. An astonishing video shows CRISPR editing DNA in real time. There's more to Edvard Munch than The Scream. In Antarctica, two crucial glaciers accelerate toward the sea. Operation Icebridge. Another review of Twin Peaks: The Return. Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump's America. Nietzsche's musings on his lost umbrella raises deeper philosophical questions. T.J. Clark on the art of the Russian Revolution. Tim Gowers on the pros and cons of formal peer review.

  • Dutch Masters from the Hermitage


    Dutch Masters from the Hermitage is a phenomenal exhibition and a rare chance to see some treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

  • Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris


    Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris is an uneven but ultimately awesome exhibition and a great opportunity to see some excellent works of art and design.