• Best Books of 2016


    As always this is a list of books that I read this year and includes recently published books as well as classics.

  • Further Reading


    The Financial Times has lunch with Tom Ford on the occasion of the release of his second movie Nocturnal Animals. Critics and biographers take it for granted that Primo Levi killed himself, but doubts remain. Revenue is up, but audiences are down in New York City’s dance industry. The afterlife of a ballerina. And the dizzying grandeur of 21st-century agriculture in pictures.

  • Helen Scales: Spirals In Time


    Read this book, even if you're not interested in seashells: you will be after you've read it.

  • If I Could Only Recommend One Book


    Someone recently asked Tyler Cowen which book he would recommend to a smart person in his thirties who hasn't read much, if he could only recommend one book. Here's my attempt at an answer.

  • Best Books of 2015


    A selection of my favorites out of the books that I read for the first time in 2015, regardless of date of publication.