• David Shields: Reality Hunger


    Is it any good? Yes. Is it overrated? Yes. Is it underrated? Yes.

  • Further Reading


    Forget the shortest route across a city. A new algorithm finds the most beautiful route. Why we have blood types. A brief history of the High Five. Researchers have discovered the mechanism by which sandstone arches are formed. Javier Marias lists seven reasons not to write novels and one reason to write them. Junot Díaz has lunch with the Financial Times. Jeff Koons employs 128 people at his studio. The Many Poses of Marcel Marceau. Profile of Fed Chair Janet Yellen in The New Yorker. Nominations for the Lead Awards 2014, Germany's foremost photography and media awards.

  • John Warwicker: The Floating World


    As of today I am one of the proud and lucky owners of a copy of The Floating World (Ukiyo-e) by graphic designer John Warwicker.

  • Further Reading


    Daily rituals: How artists work. Steven Weinberg on what we know and don't know about physics. Words of wisdom from Jeff Bezos. The practice of practising. David Bowie's top 100 books. Tim Harford's ten email commandments. Book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown. The 50 greatest innovations since the wheel? Interview with Richard Thaler

  • John Updike: Rabbit, Run


    Every now and then I read a novel that leaves me wholly indifferent. This is one of them.