• Forced Entertainment: Bloody Mess


    It is funny. Very funny. Very very funny. But after a while it gets boring. Very boring. Very very boring. But then it gets funny again. Very funny. So funny that you have to laugh. This is what you do when things are funny, especially when they are very funny, not to mention when they are very very funny. I was laughing my pants off. If only the gorgeous girl sitting next to me had done that.

  • Frank Castorf: Erniedrigte und Beleidigte


    When you are invited to a party full of people you don’t know, at first you may feel a little lost. You may get yourself a drink to have something to hold onto while you look around for someone to talk to. You may listen in on some people having a conversation and then add a witty remark or you may catch up with another solitary person like yourself. Nice shirt. I love that colour of your dress. How's the white/red wine? I'm surprised how many people showed up, it's still quite early.

  • Rene Pollesch: Pablo in der Plusfiliale


    If you want to fuck globalisation, technology and the neo-liberal rhetoric of the new left, you have to deconstruct the whole notion of sexuality and all that hetero or homosexual bullshit that comes with it. You are no longer fucking this or that or men or women: you are simply fucking.

  • Donald Judd at the Kunstsammlung Nordrheinwestfalen


    Tell me, what is so fucking interesting about those bloody boxes?