• Frank Castorf: Endstation Amerika


    Towards the end of the performance the stage floor suddenly tilts backwards by about 30 degrees. Everything that is standing on stage, chairs, cutlery, boxes, bottles, kitchen equipment falls. The ground is shifting. From this moment on the actors have to, literally, search for their balance in a world that is breaking apart. Sitting in the audience the question looming in the back of one’s mind is this: will the stage tilt further backwards?

  • Frank Castorf: Forever Young


    It doesn't happen often that I go and see the same play twice. In Frank Castorf's stage productions there is usually so much going on that going to see it twice is almost required to take it all in.

  • Friedrich Christian Flick Collection


    It's been awhile since I spent half a day at an exhibition of contemporary art without feeling exhausted and wishing I could stay longer. At 13000 square meters the Friedrich Christian Flick collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin is about as large as the Documenta in Kassel. With numerous excellent works by every major name in contemporary art the exhibition easily surpasses the collections of many museums.