• Edward Hopper in Cologne


    Edward Hopper is famous for his postcards, calendars and posters. Maybe this is why so many people crowd to see the Edward Hopper retrospective currently at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

  • Luc Tuymans Retrospective


    Luc Tuymans is regarded as one of the most important contemporary painters. I have seen his work on various occasions but never quite understood why, a good reason to visit the overview of his work currently at the Kunstsammlung Nordrheinwestfalen in Düsseldorf.

  • Oldboy


    The Korean director Park Chan-wook graduated in philosophy from Sogang University and initially wanted to become an art critic. When one day he saw Hitchcock's Vertigo it was as if a switch turned inside his mind.

  • Guy Bourdin Retrospective


    Why go to a photography exhibition when you can also view the photos in a book, a magazine or on your screen?

  • Alvis Hermanis: By Gorki


    Alvis Hermanis must have realized that to render the sense of emptiness and loss that permeats the play, he didn’t have to faithfully reproduce the text. All he had to do was to put a seemingly random group of people together in a room. This in itself creates a form of tension. Who are these people and what brought them here? As long as the actors understand the atmosphere of the text they can basically do whatever. And this is indeed what they do.