• My Favourite Albums of 2004


    Once again, my favourite albums of the year.

  • Simply Droog: 10+1 Years of Avant-Garde Design


    When was the last time you laughed at a chair? That you thought, now that's a funny chair? Chairs don't really have a reputation for being outrageously funny.

  • Dover Street Market


    If I had to give out an award for the most inspiring interior design of the year, it would go to the Dover Street Market in London, a six-story shop conceived by Rei Kawakubo of Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons.

  • Mark Newson: Design Museum, London


    Mark Newson is one of today's most celebrated designers. He is famous for his fluid, blob like designs, such as the Lockheed Lounge chair, the Orgone chair, the Embryo chair and the Felt chair, all of which have a seemingly timeless futuristic quality to them.

  • The Best Music Videos of 2004


    My favourite music videos of 2004.