• Venice Biennale 2005


    The best way to loose interest in art, dance, theatre or architecture is to visit an art fair, a biennale or a festival. Too much art can kill you. In order to survive it is always best to just pretend that it is what it is, a cultural hypermarket, and to move on to the next thing as soon as something bores you.

  • The Evolution of Dance in Four Stages


    The emergence of dance as an artfrom can be divided in four stages.

  • Jeff Wall Retrospective


    I like the work of Jeff Wall so it was a great pleasure to see 70 of his photographs together in one exhibition.

  • Hussein Chalayan Retrospective


    Fashion exhibitions are always difficult, especially exhibitions of contemporary fashion. Quite often photos of the collection can be viewed online and sometimes even a video of the catwalk show, so you can see how the clothes move. If you want to see the actual clothes you can just walk into any high end department store or of course the designer's own boutique if he or she has one. So what added value does an exhibition have?

  • Johan Simons: Elementarteilchen


    In Elementarteilchen, Johan Simons’ adaptation of the novel of the same title by Michel Houellebecq, the actors, five in all, mostly stand on a corrugated floor on an otherwise empty stage. Sometimes the actors walk around a bit, stumbling on the uneven floor. The piece consists of little more than this, but this “little more” touches precisely the right tone.