• The City as Stage


    I am fascinated and excited by the emergence of new forms of movement art, which are not commonly regarded as dance, such as skateboarding and parkour.

  • Thomas Hirschhorn: Anschool


    Energy yes! Quality: No!

  • Guy Cassiers: Proust 4. Marcel's Way


    Time flies, or so it is said. But does it? And if it does, does it fly like a plane or like a bird or a bee perhaps? This week I went to see the fourth and final episode of the Proust cycle by Guy Cassiers and the RO Theater.

  • Willem de Kooning Retrospective


    Compared with the retrospective at the Tate Gallery in 1995 this is a rather poor, pared down overview.

  • The Eye Deceived


    For a moment I too was deceived. The pinewood in the paintings of the Flemish painter Cornelius Gijsbrechts looks astonishingly real. With its knots and splinters even from up close it looks as if a piece of wood has been varnished.