• What Analytical Philosophy Today Is About


    In How many grains make a heap? a book review in the London Review of Books, Richard Rorty gives an interesting account of the current state of affairs in analytical philosophy.

  • Raoul de Keyser Retrospective


    More than anything De Keyser's paintings celebrate painting and as such life itself. It’s just paint on canvas, nothing more, nothing less. There's no ideology, no meaning, no hidden manifesto and no bravura. Just paint on canvas, but sometimes the paint speaks for itself.

  • De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art


    The De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art was founded in 1988 through the will of the attorney and businessman J.H. de Pont. In 1992 the foundation opened its doors to the public in a former wool-spinning mill just outside the centre of Tilburg, a small but lively city in the south of the Netherlands.

  • J.M. Coetzee: Elizabeth Costello


    Elizabeth Costello is not just a brilliant, moving book, full of ideas. It is also an important book. It questions the power of writing and answers it, in writing.