• Some Of My Favourite Music Videos


    Below an incomplete list of some of MY favourite music videos, videos that influenced me or my work, or that I enjoy watching again from time to time.

  • My Favourite Films of 2006


    Two of which have made it to my list of favourite movies of all time.

  • My Favourite Albums of 2006


    My end of the year list.

  • The Best Music Videos of 2006


    Or my favourite music videos of 2006.

  • A Cracked Egg by Jeff Koons


    The South-China Morning Post (November 19, 2006) ran a profile of and interview with Jeff Koons, who has been making something of a comeback in recent years. With his exploration of decadence, celebrity, popular culture, kitsch and the media he had become one of the icons of the 80s. He sort of disappeared from view in the late 90s, or at least from my radar, but today he is seen as the link between Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst.