• The City as Stage (2)


    Street performances are as old as the street and companies have used models, hostesses and entertainers to promote their products and services for ages, but what I found interesting about this performance was the actual merging of art, sales promotion and urbanism.

  • Lady Vengeance


    Oldboy was one of my favourite movies of 2004 and I looked forward to seeing Park Chan-wook's latest movie, Lady Vengeance, the third in his trilogy about revenge. Lady Vengeance is just as thrilling as Oldboy. And like Oldboy it is an extremely richly detailed movie that must be seen twice.

  • Capote


    Some weeks ago I went to see Capote, the movie, but I didn't have time to add a review here. It is a wonderful movie although I'm not quite sure how it would go down if you've never heard of Truman Capote before.