• Architecture and Urban Planning in China. A Lecture By Rem Koolhaas


    As part of the China Contemporary exhibition the Netherlands Architecture Institute organized a series of events, which included a lecture by Rem Koolhaas. It was a very interesting lecture.

  • Elevator Repair Service: Gatz


    As I wrote elsewhere on the occasion of Johan Simons' adaptation of Michel Houellebecq's novel The Elementary Particles, in one of his essays the French philosopher Alain Badiou remarked that, to create a theatre performance an actor could in principle just sit behind a desk and read his text. In fact, a desk and a chair aren't even necessary.

  • China Contemporary at NAI


    I still get excited by everything Chinese and Japanese, so this weekend I went to the opening of China Contemporary, Architecture, Art and Visual Culture, a joint interdisciplinary exhibition by the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Museum Boymans van Beuningen and the Netherlands Fotomuseum.

  • The Wayward Cloud


    The Wayward Cloud is perhaps best described as a postmodern porn musical. I loved the opening scene, a long wide angle shot of two converging underground walkways. The camera just waits until two people appear. They walk past and that's it. Nothing much happens. There's something weird though.

  • Local Differences Global Impact


    Local differences are among the main driving forces behind globalization.