• Reading the city


    Prime locations are a good reflection of retail power.

  • Anselm Kiefer in London


    When I was at university for some time Anselm Kiefer was among my favourite artists. I was into Derrida and deconstruction, I read Paul Celan and raved about Peter Eisenman, Bernard Tschumi, Daniel Libeskind and Coop Himmelb(l)au. Anselm Kiefer fitted into this line-up, indeed his work was featured in a book called "What is Deconstruction?".

  • Peepshows Are Theatre, Dutch Judge Rules


    A Dutch judge has ruled that peepshows are a form of theatre. The (erotic) nature of the performance does not alter the fact that it is a performance attended by a paying audience. In The Netherlands there are two VAT rates, 6% and 19%. Theatre performances fall in the 6% category so for the proprietors of peepshows, the ruling makes a big difference.

  • Architecture of the Night/Luminous Buildings


    Architecture of the Night/Luminous Buildings, a new and excellent mega exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, traces the history of the use of artificial light in architecture, from the illumination of the Eiffel Tower during the 1889 World Exhibition to today's multimedia facades.

  • Brian Jungen Retrospective


    I had already seen some images of Brian Jungen's masks made out of Nike Air Jordan trainers so I was delighted to visit an exhibition of his work just before it closed.