• Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007)


    The other day I read that Jean Baudrillard has passed away. I read some of his work when I was at university. I found his books inspiring, but at times also difficult to follow. I often found myself browsing back and forth, at first unsure but later convinced that it was he who was contradicting himself and not me who didn't understand. Instead of trying to make sense of the whole the best way to approach his work is to take whatever you can use.

  • David Goldblatt: Intersections


    The light in the photos of David Goldblatt is harsh, the colours washed out, because that's what the light and the colours are in the deserts of South Africa where most of the photos were taken.

  • Gilbert and George Retrospective


    The exhibition fills an entire floor, including the concourse between two galleries and the espresso bar. That's a lot of Gilbert and George, also because the works they have created since the 80s are typical museum or corporate art that doesn't fit into an average living room. I must say that by the time I reached the espresso bar, half way through the exhibition I felt like having an espresso, which says something since I don't drink coffee.

  • Contagion in Financial Markets


    It used to be said that if Wall Street coughs, Europe gets a cold. Given that various European companies have a dual listing in Europe and New York, have large holdings in the U.S. or depend on the dollar, it is not entirely surprising that markets are correlated.

  • World Press Photo 2006


    Some of my favourite photos from World Press Photo 2006.