• Market Metaphors


    Record oil price leaves bears running for cover. Wall Street rebounds as inflation fears ease. World stocks rally after Fed’s rate cut. Dow Jones flirts with new high.

  • A Kiss on the Eye


    On one of my meanderings around the web I came across this photo by Janine Antoni entitled “Mortar and Pessle”. It reminded me of an essay by Jacques Derrida on the work of Jean-Luc Nancy.

  • Olivier Rolin: Invention du Monde


    L’invention du monde (The Invention of the World) is a novel like no other. To say that it is ambitious is an understatement. But it succeeds in every aspect.

  • Animation Shorts On DVD


    For years I’ve been wishing for a DVD with some of my favourite animated shorts. At long last, my wishes have come true. The British Animation Awards have released a series of DVD’s with the winners of the biennial British animation awards and a collection of British and International Animation classics. Coincidentally this month also saw the release of a DVD with the Best Animation From Holland.

  • Frieze Art Fair 2007


    The best way to lose your interest in art is to visit an art fair. There is too much art, all lumped together in too small spaces and there are too many beautiful women.