• Kaufmann House For Sale


    And no, it's not my house, she's not my girlfriend and I didn't take the photo. Alas.... (3x).

  • Blogging the Credit Crisis


    I could spend all day blogging about the credit crisis, but there are other sites that are far better suited to keep the pulse of the market, day by day, minute by minute. But to add a few words of my own.

  • Cognitive Dissonance and the Monty Hall Problem


    An article in The New York Times discusses a working paper by economist M. Keith Chen in which he challenges some long-standing results in experimental psychology.

  • Arabesque Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia


    I find it fascinating to see how graphic designers in the Arab world stretch the limits of Arabic type and calligraphy.

  • Song Charts


    Just in case you haven't caught up with the Song Chart phenomenon.