• The BPA: Toejam


    Definitely one of the funniest music videos of the year

  • Actor Network Theory and the Libor Puzzle


    Over the past few months there has been quite a bit of debate in the world of finance over the accuracy of Libor. What is interesting about these discussions is that behind all the seemingly exact numbers lies a world of contingency, ambiguity and uncertainty where even basic notions are disputed.

  • Richard Flanagan: The Unknown Terrorist


    The Unknown Terrorist feels very contemporary and has a great sense of urgency.

  • Conferences, Symposia and Workshops


    Conferences, symposia and workshops are part of academic folklore. Taking into account the time it takes to prepare a talk, to travel to the venue and to attend the meeting they are highly inefficient means of knowledge transfer. But then, this is not or no longer, the primary goal.

  • Hybridization: The Informal City (2)


    The Informal City is governed by an inverse logic of the fixed and the ephemeral. Rigid structures are temporary and can be replaced at any time, whereas ephemeral structures are permanent, not in terms of site or structure, but as building types that pop up everywhere and at any time.