• Escaped from Malthus?


    Supplementary material for my review of Gregory Clark: A Farewell to Alms; Paul Collier: The Bottom Billion; and Dani Rodrik: One Economics, Many Recipes.

  • The Economics of Hotel Prices


    The primary determinants of hotel room rates are location and room size. Of course the more expensive hotels do their best to hide this.

  • Science Special Issue On Cities


    In its 8 February 2008 issue, the journal Science explored the various ramifications of urban transformation. The different articles provide an excellent introduction to urbanization and the challenges facing the emerging global mega-cities.

  • This Is Called Volatility Clustering


    There's nothing unusual about the large swings in share prices of the past few weeks.

  • The Credit Crisis: Some Preliminary Analyses


    For many years to come the current financial crisis will provide material for books, academic papers, PhD theses and special issues of scholarly journals. Since history is still being written, it’s too early for firm conclusions, but some interesting analyses are already starting to appear. If only people would read these papers before forming an opinion or making some policy decisions.