• Walker Evans: American Photographs


    In 1938, New York's Museum of Modern Art organized its first ever solo photography exhibition, a display of 100 photos by Walker Evans. Until 26 January 2014 MoMA is presenting a 75th anniversary reprise of the exhibition.

  • Walker Evans and Vincent van Gogh Shoes


    Walker Evans photograph of Floyd Burroughs' boots reminded of Vincent van Gogh's painting of two shoes.

  • Further Reading


    Do less, think more: Creative people’s most important resource is their time. Interview with John Baldessari. Baboons go on strike in Dutch zoo. Everything you ever wanted to know about the cashew. Squirrels cause more power outages than you might have thought. In praise of pessimism. A Zebra at a zebra crossing. In search of darkness, an interview with Paul Bogard. Selection of photos from the Lead Awards 2013. Science is not the enemy of the humanities. Amazing collection of vintage typography. And Ronald Coase has passed away.

  • Rick Owens Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear


    I just love the step dancers at the Rick Owens Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear fashion show.

  • Spiritualized: I Am What I Am


    Another powerful music video directed by AG Rojas. The ending is superb.