• Further Reading


    Daily rituals: How artists work. Steven Weinberg on what we know and don't know about physics. Words of wisdom from Jeff Bezos. The practice of practising. David Bowie's top 100 books. Tim Harford's ten email commandments. Book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown. The 50 greatest innovations since the wheel? Interview with Richard Thaler

  • Oneohtrix Point Never: Still Life (Betamale)


    Definitely one of the most melancholic music videos I've seen in a while.

  • Bet She'an Team: Bet She'an


    Pretty stunning animated short. In the city of Bet She'an, where mankind is progressively morphing into crows, a sculptor decides to leave a trace of this dwindling humanity.

  • Jake Fried: Down Into Nothing


    New 1-minute hand-drawn animation by Jake Fried. Every still is a work of art in itself.