• Further Reading


    A generic brand video. Shigeru Ban awarded 2014 Pritzker Prize. Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview. In praise of the London Review of Books. Another entry in the growing list of how x transformed the world: the elevator. Internal devaluation hasn't helped Greek exports much, which is not much of a surprise. And more.

  • Alain Ducasse: Le Chocolat


    Beautiful, mouth-watering short documentary about Alain Ducasse's new Paris chocolate factory. Makes me want to jump on a train to Paris.

  • Angkor At Last


    Visiting the temples of Angkor was a dream come true. It is an absolutely magnificent site.

  • When In... Singapore


    Less exciting than Hong Kong, but well worth a stopover. Excellent food scene.

  • Flight Facilities: Foreign Language


    I already thought I recognized the style. By the same director. Another joyful song.