• Massive Attack: Voodoo In My Blood


    Intriguing music video. Nice song as well.

  • Lei Lei And Thomas Sauvin: Recycled


    Saw this at the Holland Animation Film Festival in 2013. Glad to see it again.

  • If I Could Only Recommend One Book


    Someone recently asked Tyler Cowen which book he would recommend to a smart person in his thirties who hasn't read much, if he could only recommend one book. Here's my attempt at an answer.

  • Further Reading


    The Advanced LIGO team has confirmed the detection of gravitational waves. A recent study suggests that the brain’s sense of space and time are intertwined. 12 things that restaurants must stop doing in 2016. A profile of Marvin Minsky. Inside the workshop that produces Ghana’s fantastical pop-art coffins. When philosophy lost its way. An interview with the always interesting Gerhard Richter. The physics of active matter, from flocking birds to swarming molecules. Images from the 5 years of Lagos Photo Fest.

  • Reid Willis: The Slow Knife


    Pretty awesome music video.