• Your Name


    Your Name by director Makoto Shinkai is a wonderful movie. Think Miyazaki meets Murakami.

  • Zhang Xiaotao: The Adventure of Liangliang


    Amazing mixed media, hand drawn and 3D, animated short about the state of the world

  • Nicolas de Largillierre Etude des Mains


    Wandering through the Louvre I happened upon this amazing painting by Nicolas de Largillierre

  • Further Reading


    For such a small price, I buy tranquillity or How to be a stoic. An essay about Heiner Müller. On the romantic fiction of a world without money. Claudio Borio on financial cycles, secular stagnation and monetary policy. Photos of ice fishermen along the route of the river Ishim in Kazakhstan. And Sylvia Serfaty talks about mathematics, truth and beauty.

  • Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection


    The exhibition Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection at the Fondation Luis Vuitton was worth a trip to Paris