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    A fascinating new theory of the history of life on Earth. The mathematics of juggling. New experiments suggest that simple models can explain the behavior of thousands of interacting organisms. Can a mind can be located outside of the head? Chris Ware on Saul Steinberg's view of the world. Where oil rigs go to die. The world is running out of sand. The quantum thermodynamics revolution. Kevin Kelly on the myth of a superhuman AI. Tim Parks on the pleasures of pessimism. And Alex Tizon writes about his family's slave.

  • Raised By Krump


    Raised by Krump, a short documentary directed by Maceo Frost about krumping and how it has helped the lives of some of LA’s most influential dancers.

  • Further Reading


    Where have all the insects gone? Why Amazon is eating the world. Listeners prefer new violins and are unable to distinguish between new and old Italian violins. Review of Empire of Things by Frank Trentmann. On the work of the American architect Louis Kahn. Using homes as ATMs, not homebuying fervor, was to blame for the housing crisis. Cosmic inflation theory faces challenges. Two interesting books about owls. An amazing dinosaur find. And an interactive map of major sites around the world where fossils have been found.

  • Populous: Azulejos


    Love this colourful animated music video directed by Emanuele Kabu

  • Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy


    Fun short featuring, you guessed it, Elle Fanning, fanning.