• Transformation of the Bartlett


    Pretty awesome video. A collaborative project between creative practice ScanLAB Projects and composer and musician Eugene Romain.

  • Further Reading


    Where have all the insects gone? Why Amazon is eating the world. Listeners prefer new violins and are unable to distinguish between new and old Italian violins. Review of Empire of Things by Frank Trentmann. On the work of the American architect Louis Kahn. Using homes as ATMs, not homebuying fervor, was to blame for the housing crisis. Cosmic inflation theory faces challenges. Two interesting books about owls. An amazing dinosaur find. And an interactive map of major sites around the world where fossils have been found.

  • Further Reading


    Excerpt from The Upstarts, the new book by Brad Stone. Why whales leap into the air. How life turns asymmetric. What books would look like if they were reimagined as buildings. Neuroscience Needs Behavior. How life (and death) spring from disorder and some cartoon drawings by Gerhard Richter.

  • Moshe Safdie on his iconic Habitat 67


    Short interview with Moshe Safdie about his Habitat 67 housing complex in Montreal.

  • Jean Nouvel: Reflections


    Short documentary about and interview with Jean Nouvel.