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    A new theory may explain the success of deep learning. How do you make an AI curious? Suketu Mehta on the reasons people migrate to the West. What the US heroin epidemic looks like. How many infinities are out there? On the semiotics of emoji. An interview with philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah. Ghost malls across the US. A trucker’s tales of life on the road. A conversation with John Cleese.

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    Exploring the future of Himalayan glaciers. Imagining creativity beyond "Nature" and "Culture". Claude Shannon and the nature of information. Breathtaking photos from the Cassini mission. How to choose wisely. The hidden memories of plants. Henry Marsh and Stephen Westaby discuss what makes a great surgeon. The prehistory of cryptocurrencies. Our own genetic prehistory. Did our hunter-gatherer ancestors have it better? A large genetic study shows how humans are evolving.

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    Two recent books about the mind of the octopus. How much more can we learn about the universe? A pre-history of post-truth, East and West. Nobel laureate Sheldon Lee Glashow weaves some threads in the tapestry of physics. Religious freedom in Europe was driven by statecraft not philosophy. The greatest civilisation ever forgotten? Gregory Chaitin takes a look at complexity using algorithmic information theory. J.M. Coetzee on a great writer we should know. 100 books set in/about Los Angeles. 25 Articles and essays by David Foster Wallace.

  • Our City

    Inspiring documentary following film photographers based in Los Angeles as they make photos around the city in preparation for the 2nd-annual @FilmPhotographic show OUR CITY.

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