• Further Reading


    Darwin comes to town: How the urban jungle drives evolution. The big meltdown. Boston Dynamics' robot dog can now perform a short dance routine. And Atlas can do Parkour. Repackaging Stoicism for the 21st Century. Shred the Love: The Director's Cut. Interview with Bruno Latour. The world’s strongest MRI machines are pushing human imaging to new limits. Can Optical Illusions fool Artificial Intelligence too? And more.

  • Suzane: La Flemme


    I really enjoyed watching this music video. The dancing is fun and delightfully unpretentious. Of course, it helps that it is accompanied by a joyful song.

  • Raised By Krump


    Raised by Krump, a short documentary directed by Maceo Frost about krumping and how it has helped the lives of some of LA’s most influential dancers.

  • Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective Tate Modern


    An excellent introduction to the work and career of Robert Rauschenberg. I just wish it had been larger.

  • The Body in Movement. Dance and the Museum


    The Louvre has invited choreographer Benjamin Millepied to organize an exhibition on the representation of the body in movement drawing on the Louvre's extensive collection