• Caroline Roberts: Graphic Design Visionaries


    Graphic Design Visionaries is both a fantastic source of inspiration and an excellent guide to the history of graphic design.

  • Ash Thorp et al: FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles


    Ohh yes, I love this. It's like an animated sequence of computational typography.

  • The Creative Class 5: Stefan Sagmeister


    Brief interview with the ever inspiring Stefan Sagmeister.

  • Further Reading


    Counterpoint: Three Movies, a Book and an Old Photograph by Don DeLillo. The journey of a penny by Chris Ware. How to determine whether a random number is truly random. A fascinating essay about migraine and visual depictions of auras. "They haven’t lived at all. They’ve followed a career path." Joseph Stiglitz on the downsides of high-frequency trading. Ten good sentences. A cancer doctor on losing his wife to cancer. A good essay about the limits of the digital humanities. Lessons from Pixar. And more.

  • Further Reading


    Fascinating photo gallery of work by Eero Saarinen. Probably the best article I've read about Bitcoin so far. The best English and American book covers of the year. The best magazine covers of the year. The year's best movie posters.