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    Interview with mathematician Corina Tarnita who deciphers patterns in the soil created by competing life-forms. MIT researchers overturn old theories about how memories form and recall works. Inequality in nature and society. Everything we know about black hole growth says this one is too young to be so big. A literary tour of the U.S. with 50 State-set books. Slavoj Žižek on ideology as the original augmented reality. The radical chic of Rick Owens. Inside China's vast new experiment in social ranking. Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell on workforce implications of what machine learning can do. Five recent books about bread. Longreads Best of 2017.

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    Some thoughts about Comme des Garçons, tying together France’s various social problems in a coherent narrative, negative mass, how lizards get their spots and why shoelaces fail

  • Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision On Fashion Photography


    If you're interested in fashion or fashion photography this exhibition is not to be missed.

  • Kenzo World


    Needless to say that I too love the Kenzo World commercial directed by Spike Jonze

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    Social networks can create the illusion that something is common when it is actually rare. The rapidly vanishing Mer de Glace. It may simply be too late for Syria. Yale University will receive 136.20 euros in interest on a perpetual bond issued in 1648 from a Dutch water authority. A Hermes scarf designed by Philippe Apeloig featuring pages from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. Duration of urination does not change with body size. The Mouse of Wall Street. And Oliver Sacks has passed away.