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    A brief history of behavioural economics by Richard Thaler. Real-time pose estimation! In the browser! What makes a tree a tree? Recent fossil discoveries challenge ideas about Earth's start. The long-awaited data release from the Gaia space observatory has spurred a torrent of discoveries about the history and nature of our galaxy. Some machine learning algorithms turn out to be surprisingly good at predicting chaotic dynamic systems. Neural networks, faced with a navigation challenge, spontaneously evolved “grid cells”. More photos from NASA's IceBridge expedition to the Antarctic. Lisa Randall answers the question: What is dark matter? Freeman Dyson reviews Scale by Geoffrey West. Everything is a machine. Ray Dalio is the best student Deleuze never had. Photographer Naoya Hatakeyama discusses his work. The Triumph of Philanthropy. And more.

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    Slavoj Zizek reviews Blade Runner 2049. The LHCb Experiment has discovered the "Humpty Dumpty" particle. During learning, the brain’s adaptability is limited by its own neural architecture. Ironically, the issue of over-research has not been researched much. Artists with a day job. The role of luck in life success is far greater than people realize. Opium and its derivatives have conquered contemporary America. 7 years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster photographer Moises Saman and author William Vollman visit the exclusion zone. The Comme des Garçons Fall 2018 RTW collection features some fabulous over-the-top dresses. Infectious diseases and tumors show surprising similarity in their long, variable incubation times. The field of artificial intelligence is grappling with a replication crisis. The Abel Prize has gone to Robert Langlands. Geert Lovink on distraction and its discontents. Thomas Nagel reviews As If: Idealization and Ideals by Kwame Anthony Appiah. Interviews with Jean Tirole and Bruno Latour and more.

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    Dani Rodrik on the fatal flaw of neoliberalism (it's bad economics). Physics has demoted mass. An astonishing video shows CRISPR editing DNA in real time. There's more to Edvard Munch than The Scream. In Antarctica, two crucial glaciers accelerate toward the sea. Operation Icebridge. Another review of Twin Peaks: The Return. Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump's America. Nietzsche's musings on his lost umbrella raises deeper philosophical questions. T.J. Clark on the art of the Russian Revolution. Tim Gowers on the pros and cons of formal peer review.

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    A new theory may explain the success of deep learning. How do you make an AI curious? Suketu Mehta on the reasons people migrate to the West. What the US heroin epidemic looks like. How many infinities are out there? On the semiotics of emoji. An interview with philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah. Ghost malls across the US. A trucker’s tales of life on the road. A conversation with John Cleese.

  • Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision On Fashion Photography


    If you're interested in fashion or fashion photography this exhibition is not to be missed.