• Guy Cassiers: Onder de Vulkaan


    In the integration of video and live theatre Guy Cassiers and his team at Antwerp's Toneelhuis have reached a level of perfection that is hard to beat. So much for the good.

  • Peter Brook: The Empty Space


    This is one of those books of which I'm ashamed to admit I only just read it.

  • How to Stop


    In music, dance, theatre and cinema creating a beginning or an end is more difficult than composing the middle part, because, as in chess, the number of possibilities is limited. Just listen to the final seconds of a random selection of songs on your iPod.

  • Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes: De Monstruos y Prodigios


    A history of the castrati doesn’t sound like an obvious theme for a theatre production. But at least it’s different. And difference is interesting.

  • Romeo Castellucci: Hey Girl!


    Romeo Castellucci creates scenes and images that are pregnant with meaning yet never deliver. This is the strength of the theatre of Romeo Castellucci. His work borders on sense, from both sides, that is, from non-sense or the non-sensical on the one hand and from overdetermined symbolism on the other. As a viewer you are left to piece the different elements together into a coherent whole. Questions remain. There are always some symbols left over, while others are missing.