• Rene Pollesch: L'Affaire Martin! Etc.


    In L´Affaire Martin! Occupe-toi de Sophie! Par la fenêtre, Caroline! Le mariage de Spengler. Christine est en avance, or L’Affaire Martin! Etc. for short, René Pollesch has turned the language of postmodern philosophy into the stuff of comedy.

  • La Fura dels Baus: Imperium


    Towards the end of Imperium by La Fura dels Baus a half naked girl with silver body paint tried to hide behind me as another girl, also half naked, threw a bucket full of water at her. I ended up with wet trousers and a wet jacket. A moment later another girl followed suit with a bucket full of rice. This time I didn’t get the full load. I was lucky. Other people in the audience were hit by a lime gun and a bucket of water, in either order.

  • Cirque du Soleil: O


    I must admit that in the back of my mind I had been a bit sceptical. I wanted to see a performance by Cirque du Soleil while I was in Las Vegas and O is supposed to be their most spectacular show. And spectacular it is.

  • Elevator Repair Service: Gatz


    As I wrote elsewhere on the occasion of Johan Simons' adaptation of Michel Houellebecq's novel The Elementary Particles, in one of his essays the French philosopher Alain Badiou remarked that, to create a theatre performance an actor could in principle just sit behind a desk and read his text. In fact, a desk and a chair aren't even necessary.

  • Johan Simons: Platform


    The performances in Amsterdam had already sold out and so I had to go to Rotterdam to see Johan Simons’ production of Michel Houellebecq’s novel Platform. Since I couldn’t leave early from work, this meant eating a pasta salad and a bread roll on the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and stuffing myself with French fries from McDonald's on my way to the theatre. An appropriate start to see the performance.