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    The Financial Times has a drink with Michel Houellebecq. British and Irish authors share their favourite European novels. LIGO has detected a second burst of gravitational waves from merging black holes. A recent solution to the prisoner’s dilemma has created new puzzles in evolutionary biology. A surprising new solution to a decades-old combinatorics problem. A new proof is helping connect the mathematics of infinity to the physical world. And the world’s most spectacular climbing routes in 360°-panoramas.

  • When In... Jordan


    I had been wanting to visit Jordan for a long time and I'm delighted that I finally did. Jordan is a treasure trove of archaeological sites and spectacular landscapes. Read some of my experiences and travel tips.

  • Further Reading


    A resistance checklist by the late Lebbeus Woods. Kishtwar Kailash: Road To Basecamp. The reason I'm so inefficient. And the Nobel Prize in Economics goes to... Jean Tirole. Cave paintings in Indonesia, originally discovered in the 1950s, turn out to be 35,000 to 40,000 years old. Andrew Gelman and Eric Loken on the statistical crisis in science. The ubiquitous Tracy-Widom distribution. Why hipsters all look alike. How Ebola compares to other infectious diseases. How suits of armor performed in combat. An appreciation of the Dutch pension system. Kevin Twomey's photographs reveal the complex inner workings of antique calculators. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

  • Shit Happens


    But it could have been worse

  • Angkor At Last


    Visiting the temples of Angkor was a dream come true. It is an absolutely magnificent site.