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Non-Parametric Intervention 1 and 2

Concept & Choreography: Ivar Hagendoorn
Dancer: Irene Cortina González
Music: See set list below
Date: 4 October 2009.
Place: Villa Ockenburgh, The Hague.

Non-Parametric Intervention 1 & 2 a.k.a Villa Ockenburgh Event 1 is a site-specific event at the beautiful Villa Ockenburgh in The Hague based on excerpts from the new pieces.

The piece began with the dancer doing a warming-up which gradually blended into dance, but perhaps she was already dancing when she was doing the warming-up and perhaps what looked like dancing was still warming-up... I like these intermediate zones where you don't really know what you are watching and cannot fall back upon preconceived notions and are forced to judge based on what you see.

The second intervention was an exploration of intensity.

The "encore" worked exactly as I had expected. The performance was announced as Non-Parametric Intervention 1 & 2 so after the second section people thought that it was finished. During concerts it is quite normal that the musicians return for one or two encores. I decided to do an encore to see how long it would take for people to notice that she was still dancing.

In most dance performances, if recorded music is used, the music appears to be "in the air", starting and stopping as if by magic. As a slight conceptual twist in this piece the dancer is in control of the music, an iPod connected to a speaker set.

The reconstructed set list:

Intervention 1

Peplab: ET (Peplab Classic Treat Mix) (fragment)
White Denim: All you really have to do (fragment)
Boards of Canada: 1969
The XX: Crystalized
The XX: Infinity

Intervention 2

Mark Lanegan: When your number's up
The Black Keys: Lies
Burial: Dog Shelter
Patrick Watson: Tracy's Waters


David Sylvian: When the poets dreamed of angels.