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Non-Parametric Intervention 3

Concept & Choreography: Ivar Hagendoorn
Dancers: Irene Cortina González and Camille Revol
Music: Abe Vigoda, Mala, Appleblim and Peverelist
Video installation: Nieke Koek
Date: 1 November 2009.
Place: Villa Ockenburgh, The Hague.

Non-Parametric Intervention 3 a.k.a Villa Ockenburgh Event 2 is another site-specific event at the beautiful Villa Ockenburgh in The Hague based on excerpts from the new pieces.

As you may notice in the photos the dancers "wear" small cameras which transmitted images captured by the cameras in real-time to four monitors. I only filmed the dance, but the dance video concept was great.

The spatial and dramaturgic concept was based on a surveillance of the body, the space and the audience. The performance was a true experiment in the Cunningham Cage Rauschenberg tradition, as it was the first time we actually performed with both dancers and the camera's.