I very much enjoyed watching this short introduction to Wittgenstein. I even learnt something new, or old, since I'd totally forgotten he had lived in Norway for awhile. Had I remembered I would have visited the site of his cabin, as I stayed in Skjolden for a day in August 2013. I find it interesting that Wittgenstein chose this fjord as the site for his home. Next time I'm in Norway I'll go on a pilgrimage to find the actual site.

If the video whetted your appetite for Wittgenstein, a good entry into his work is On Certainty. Indeed, this was the first book that I read by him in the second term of my first year in philosophy. It inspired me to do a subsequent major course on Wittgenstein. I still consider the book that we used during this course, Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy by Oswald Hanfling, an excellent introduction to his work, but unfortunately it is out of print. P.M.S. Hacker offers a superb analysis of Wittgenstein's place in twentieth-century analytic philosophy in the book of the same title. I haven't read the Very Short Introduction to Wittgenstein by A.C. Grayling, so I don't know whether it's any good.

My review of the excellent Logicomix, which also features Wittgenstein among its protagonists.


The house Wittgenstein (had) built in Skjolden and which had turned to ruin has been rebuilt!