Further Reading


Rei Kawakubo, Interpreter of Dreams. In recent years the main collections of Comme des Garçons have become increasingly theatrical and less wearable. I still don't know what to think. While some creations are spectacular and would look great on stage there's something facile about this kind of unbridled creativity. If you abandon the constraints of wearability anything goes. The result is not difference but indifference.

The French social thinker Christophe Guilluy has crafted a convincing narrative tying together France’s various social problems—immigration tensions, inequality, deindustrialization, economic decline, ethnic conflict, and the rise of populist parties.

"With negative mass, if you push something, it accelerates toward you." No, really. Of course, the result only holds under extreme laboratory conditions.

How lizards get their spots. I knew that the skin pattern of various animals can be described by a set of Turing equations, but the ocellated lizard develops its labyrinthine palette in an unusual way.

Why do shoelaces untie themselves? A mundane question and one that I often ask myself when I'm hiking, but the answer could lead to better fibers and surgeon's knots.