• Michael Cunningham: The Hours


    As in Mrs Dalloway the prose in The Hours is extremely beautiful. Michael Cunningham writes with such love and tenderness that I sometimes just had to stop and let the sentences resonate in my mind.

  • Georges Perec: Life a User's Manual


    Life A User's Manual is a book for readers, and the more you have read the more you will appreciate the subtle references to other novels and popular culture. But to say so would do unjustice to a book that is quite simply a marvel to read.

  • Djuna Barnes: Nightwood


    Nightwood by Djuna Barnes is one of the few books I’ve read more than once.

  • Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway


    Mrs Dalloway is one of my favorite books by Virginia Woolf, but To the Lighthouse and Between the Acts are equally brilliant.

  • Don DeLillo: Underworld


    It is sentences like these which instantly make me feel at home, because they describe the questions I myself have often asked and the feelings I myself often feel. It is for this reason too that Underworld resonates with my own life and that I like to return to it from time to time.