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    A new study challenges the idea that most real world complex networks are scale-free. The MIT Introduction to Deep Learning is definitely one of the best courses of its kind currently available online. No longer writing, Philip Roth still has plenty to say. Why paper jams persist. Is the era of quantum computing here? A data visualization overview table used by the Financial Times to decide which visualization to use. Inside the Amazon's deforestation crisis. The NY Times reviews three recent books about science's inference problem. On rongorongo: Experts cannot even agree whether it is an alphabet, a syllabary, a mnemonic, or a rebus.

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    Every memory leaves its own imprint in the brain. Physicists' attempts to classify all possible phases of matter. What makes a perfect croissant. An animated introduction to the Fourier Transform. Why an old theory of everything is gaining new life. The revolutionary ideas of Thomas Kuhn. Is evolutionary science due for a major overhaul or is talk of ‘revolution’ misguided? What Unicode will make possible. Do we live in four dimensions, as relativity theory says, or ten, as string theory claims? The stick is an unsung hero of human evolution.

  • Birdman


    I've finally come around to watching Birdman. I quite liked it. I especially liked a seemingly minor detail.

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    A wonderful New Year short story by Ali Smith. A short story by JM Coetzee. Why Write Fiction in 2017? German author Clemens Setz visits the Netherlands. Mini documentary about the last remaining speaker of Taushiro. Wer wissen will, wie man in der Diskussion über kulturelle Identität vernünftiger argumentieren kann, sollte das Buch des französischen Philosophen Francois Jullien lesen. Review of Goethe: Life as a Work of Art. What bullets do to bodies. A brief history of humans trying and failing to understand the minds of apes. On the correspondence of René Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia. How climate change and disease helped the fall of Rome.

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    Interview with mathematician Corina Tarnita who deciphers patterns in the soil created by competing life-forms. MIT researchers overturn old theories about how memories form and recall works. Inequality in nature and society. Everything we know about black hole growth says this one is too young to be so big. A literary tour of the U.S. with 50 State-set books. Slavoj Žižek on ideology as the original augmented reality. The radical chic of Rick Owens. Inside China's vast new experiment in social ranking. Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell on workforce implications of what machine learning can do. Five recent books about bread. Longreads Best of 2017.