• Best Books of 2017


    As always this is a list of books that I read this year and includes recently published books as well as classics.

  • Further Reading


    The full list of Massive Open Online Courses offered by over 200 universities around the world. Scientists are unraveling why certain glaciers are prone to surging abruptly. NY Times critics and contributors select 21 essential albums from ECM’s catalog. Quanta Magazine spoke with Edward Witten about his theory of everything and the strange connection between physics and math. Steven Mithen on why our ancestors started farming. Author and US Army veteran Phil Klay on war as a test of religious faith. Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can now do a backflip.

  • Transformation of the Bartlett


    Pretty awesome video. A collaborative project between creative practice ScanLAB Projects and composer and musician Eugene Romain.

  • Further Reading


    Dani Rodrik on the fatal flaw of neoliberalism (it's bad economics). Physics has demoted mass. An astonishing video shows CRISPR editing DNA in real time. There's more to Edvard Munch than The Scream. In Antarctica, two crucial glaciers accelerate toward the sea. Operation Icebridge. Another review of Twin Peaks: The Return. Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump's America. Nietzsche's musings on his lost umbrella raises deeper philosophical questions. T.J. Clark on the art of the Russian Revolution. Tim Gowers on the pros and cons of formal peer review.

  • Dutch Masters from the Hermitage


    Dutch Masters from the Hermitage is a phenomenal exhibition and a rare chance to see some treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg