• Nightmares On Wax: Back To Nature


    Love this cut-up collage of magazines, postcards and vintage film.

  • Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris


    Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris is an uneven but ultimately awesome exhibition and a great opportunity to see some excellent works of art and design.

  • Rachel Whiteread Retrospective Tate Britain


    The Rachel Whiteread retrospective at Tate Britain was so good that I left liking her work even more than I did before my visit.

  • Frieze Art Fair 2017


    At this year's Frieze Art Fair there was little that stood out, to me at least, and the little that did stand out was by established artists.

  • Further Reading


    A new theory may explain the success of deep learning. How do you make an AI curious? Suketu Mehta on the reasons people migrate to the West. What the US heroin epidemic looks like. How many infinities are out there? On the semiotics of emoji. An interview with philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah. Ghost malls across the US. A trucker’s tales of life on the road. A conversation with John Cleese.