• Dutch Masters from the Hermitage


    Dutch Masters from the Hermitage is a phenomenal exhibition and a rare chance to see some treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

  • Further Reading


    Astronomers say they’ve found many of the universe’s missing atoms. Untangling spider biology. A conversation with Tim O'Reilly. Islam and Economic Performance: Historical and Contemporary Links. New survey article by Timur Kuran. A conversation with Hélène Cixous. Life after mercury poisoning. The Coming Software Apocalypse. Mata Hari wasn't a cunning spy after all. The history of mathematical typography. There never was a real tulip fever. How ether transformed surgery. A new history of the first peoples in the Americas. Disrupting socks manufacturing.

  • Nightmares On Wax: Back To Nature


    Love this cut-up collage of magazines, postcards and vintage film.

  • Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris


    Etre moderne: Le MoMA à Paris is an uneven but ultimately awesome exhibition and a great opportunity to see some excellent works of art and design.

  • Rachel Whiteread Retrospective Tate Britain


    The Rachel Whiteread retrospective at Tate Britain was so good that I left liking her work even more than I did before my visit.