Wadi Rum

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Hardangervidda National Park

20 Photos

Piz Boè

34 Photos

Siem Reap

48 Photos

Death Valley

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McKittrick Oil Field

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Wadi Numeira

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Alabama Hills

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Vallée Blanche

43 Photos

Ta Prohm

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Réfuge Albert 1er / Glacier du Tour

25 Photos

Glacier Trail Felskinn Mattmark

48 Photos

Rondane National Park

23 Photos

Gornergletscher Monte Rosa Hütte

39 Photos


26 Photos

Sallandse Heuvelrug

44 Photos

Prestholtskarvet, Norway

13 Photos

Tre Cime & Cadini di Misurina

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There are currently 6,000+ photos in the database. The database can be accessed by location and theme. A good starting point is to click random (and continue doing so) or to browse Favourites, which contains a selection of what I consider my best photos. At any moment you can jump to a different cross section by clicking on a tag. By default the latest photos to be uploaded come last. Thus, to check out my latest personal favourites you have to go to favourites and select last page and click previous from there.

Photography for me is a way of engaging with the world. It forces me to look closely, to be alert to what's happening around me. I see a lot more when I'm taking pictures than when I'm just walking around. When I'm travelling I try to read a book about the places that I visit so as to understand what I see, whether it is the history of Dubai, global supply chains or geology.