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Oscar Niemeyer 1907-2012

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Centro Niemeyer Avilés
Centro Niemeyer Avilés

The other day Oscar Niemeyer passed away at the age of 104, just 10 days before his 105th birthday. He was one of the 20th century's most influential architects. He continued designing until his death. One of his last built projects is the Centro Niemeyer in Avilés in the north of Spain. It's a spectacular building complex. Visiting the building was one of the highlights of my journey through the North of Spain earlier this year. His work is very photogenic, it's nearly impossible not to make a good photo of his designs. I particularly love the curves in his work.

I once read a review, I can't remember where or when, which described his work as "baroque modernism", a term I have since adopted to refer to my own work as well.

A selection of photos of the Centro Niemeyer in Avilés, Spain.