Do less, think more. Creative people’s most important resource is their time. In praise of laziness. Speaking of which X-Press 2 Ft. David Byrne: Lazy.

Interview with John Baldessari in the Financial Times.

In search of darkness. An interview with Paul Bogard. I've added his book to my reading list.

The economist Ronald Coase died on 2 September at the age of 102. His Nobel lecture is a good introduction to his work.

Will Self praises pessimism.

Baboons go on strike in Dutch zoo.

A zebra at a zebra crossing, no really.

Steven Pinker on why science is not the enemy of the humanities. I couldn't agree more.

Selection of photos from the Lead Awards 2013, the best photos published in German media.

The most valuable art collection in the world may well not be in a museum but in an art warehouse in Geneva.

I really like cashews, so I enjoyed reading this brief article, everything you ever wanted to know about the cashew.

Amazing collection of vintage typography.

Squirrels cause more power outages than you might have thought.

I always wondered why there are no supermarkets in Manhattan. On my latest trip I finally discovered that drugstores and pharmacies double as a supermarket.

I dreamt that I'd lost my umbrella on the train to Brussels. I also dreamt I'd have to find it before my alarm clock would go off.

Een mens ervaart zijn wanhoop des te scherper naarmate het einddoel dat hem ontglipt dichterbij is. - M. Ageyev