Steven Weinberg on what we know and don't know about physics.

Daily rituals. How artists work. I like to take long walks and I've also got a day job to pay the bills.

Words of wisdom from Jeff Bezos.

The practice of practising. Applies to playing a musical instrument as well as to dancing.

David Bowie's top 100 books. He's got excellent taste.

The 50 greatest innovations since the wheel? The list is informative, the ranking a matter of debate.

I find these book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown pretty amazing.

Tim Harford's ten email commandments.

Interview with Richard Thaler  in the September 2013 issue of the Banking and Policy Issues Magazine of the Minneapolis Fed.

And the Nobel prize in economics goes to... Fama, Hansen and Shiller. Hansen's paper on the Generalized Method of Moments is a classic paper in econometrics. Of course, Fama's papers from the 60s and 70s on asset prices are also classics, so is his work with French from the 90s.

Fascinating photo gallery of work by Eero Saarinen.

Het leven houdt het midden tussen een uitroep en een vraag. Bij twijfel is er een punt. - Fernando Pessoa

Every political system is dysfunctional in its own way, but some are more dysfunctional than others.

Bücherlesen ist kein Beruf.